Be Inspired by What Sets Your Soul on Fire

On a Spring night, standing on a concert stage, Matt Siegel, the lead guitarist, the performer, experienced a moment he never felt before. It was a connection with everyone in the room, the musicians, the crowd. A great sense of oneness washed over him which led to an intense period of songwriting and eventually to what is called The Dirty Good.

A lifelong musician known primarily as a guitarist, Siegel has been a songwriter since his early teens as well as a singer and composer. The Dirty Good leans into Siegel’s songwriting with lyrical influences as varied as Bob Dylan to Muddy Waters.

The Dirty Good is about purpose and serving. After decades of staying within his own proverbial box of being a guitarist, Siegel has stepped out of that box and seeks to inspire others who wish to follow their passion beyond the trappings that have held them back. Siegel also uses his platform to serve those who are in need. You will often see social media posts with #GetDirtyDoGood. This is a play on words of getting your hands dirty and doing the work. Siegel’s personal way to #GetDirtyDoGood leads him to donate 50% of tips from solo shows to the Bay Music Youth Association.


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